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This sculpture of the famous and most widely known Pin-up star, Betty Page was sculpted in 2004. This piece is inspired by one of the many beautiful photos of Betty Page. It started out as a challenge, by one of my friends who was a Betty Page fan. I was up to the challenge and when she was completed, I gave her to my father as a gift. He cherished this gift until his passing in 2006 and now she is a sentimental part of my private collection.

(original picture can be seen in the photo below)

"Betty" measures approximately 7 inches in height in her kneeling position. If standing, she would measure approximately 12 inches high.

In private collection. Not available for sale.

After curing, the sculpture is wet-sanded to smooth out the clay. The figure's body is then airbrushed with flesh tone paints. Facial make-up is hand painted with the tiniest artist brushes and eye lashes are applied for added realism.

Betty's striking black hair (made of high quality mohair) is maticulously applied and styled by hand.

The perfect matching material was selected for her robe and then cut and hand-sewn. Her clothing is removeable.







The fine detail of Betty's teeth and tongue are sculpted of clay.










Betty's toe nails and finger nails are hand painted with bright red and coated with a shiney gloss varnish.


The sculptures shown below were taken before the finishing touches were applied to the Betty Page sculpture.

This is to show one of the earlier phases of the piece before the sculpture is completed.

Photography by L.M. Anderson. Please request permission from the artist if you wish to use images from this site. Thank you.