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"Diane" is inspired by the 1950's Joyce Ballantyne photo (as shown in the first photo below). She is sculpted out of ProSculpt polymer clay over a very strong wire armature (photo of armature is also shown in one of the photos below).

Diane measures approximately 7 inches in height in her seated position. She would measure close to 11 inches if she were standing.

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After curing, the sculpture is wet-sanded to smooth out the clay. The figure's body is then airbrushed with flesh tone paints. Facial make-up is hand painted with the tiniest artist brushes and eye lashes are applied for added realism.

Diane's white body towel, hair towel and cloth are also sculpted from clay and are impressed with a pattern to give it the realistic cotton towel texture.

Diane's blue shoes are sculpted from clay and the feather puffs are made from real feathers.

This beautiful sculpture has glass blown eyes and the hair is of high quality dark brown mohair, which is curled and styled by hand.

The stool that Diane sits upon is completely hand crafted from wood and then painted and sealed with a gloss varnish. I have also designed and created her stand. Each tile is added individually to create a vintage pattern representative of the era.

Diane's tiny fingernails were applied one by one and, after painting, are sealed with a gloss varnish to give the nails that realistic shine. Like her body, a wire armature also makes up each finger for added strength.






The sculpture is permanently secured to her stool with exceptionally strong bonding cement and wire posts.















This head shot photo shows a detailed close up of Diane's beautiful blue glass eyes, her delecately applied eyelashes, and the intricate details of her make-up.







The close-up of Diane's hands shows the fine detail of her fingernails and the realistic structure of her hands grasping the cloth and towel.








This close-up of Diane's feet shows the fine detail of the delicately applied feathers and high gloss shine of her cozey little slippers.





This photo of Diane, as shown on the left, was taken before the finishing touches were added in order to show the true detail of her sculpted anatomy.

The photo to it's right shows the very first stages of her creation: the strong wire armature.



All sculptures are sold with a clear plastic case to help keep the work of art free of dust and protects her from accidental damage.

The case measures 10" X 10".






Photography by L.M. Anderson. Please request permission from the artist if you wish to use images from this site. Thank you.