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This tiny little Fairy, Dulcina, was created during my first year of sculpting. She was a gift to my mother at Christmas that same year. She measures 6 inches in length and fits in the palm of your hand. She was a lot of fun to create and I developed a true appreciation for how challenging it can be to make fairy wings.

Dulcina's name is Latin for "rose."

In private collection. Not available for sale.

Dulcina wears a delicately weaved ribbon-like fabric designed and created by hand. Her hair is dark brown mohair, also styled by hand. Her make-up is hand painted and she wears a rose colored fabric head piece. Her nails are painted to match her rose colored dress.






Duclina's wings are made from a translucent fabric, and the veins running through them are hand-painted.






In this photo, you can make out the glimmering shine of her rhinestone earrings and the delicately applied eyelashes.








Dulcina fits perfectly in the palm of my hand. You can see in this photo, the beautiful wavy locks of her long brown hair.







Photography by L.M. Anderson. Please request permission from the artist if you wish to use images from this site. Thank you.