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Selena Quintanilla was named Female Vocalist of the Year and Performer of the Year in 1987 and went on to win a Grammy in 1993. Tragically, her life was cut short in 1995 by a single gun shot wound to the back. This sculpture was created in her memory as a gift to the artist's closest and best friend, who happened to be a huge fan of Selena's.

Selena is considered the tallest sculpture created by the artist thus far, measuring close to 14 inches in height, not including the base.

In private collection. Not available for sale.

There are many beautiful photos of Selena that can be found online, and I analyzed more than one photo to duplicate her features, including her dress, make up, and hair.

The photo selected in the end, was that of Selena receiving her Grammy award. The rose placed in the sculpture's left hand represents her beauty, and the microphone in her right represents her talent in music that continues to live on.

Selena's white dress, shoes, rose, microphone, and earrings are also sculpted out of polymer clay. Her brown eyes are made of glass and her hair is dark brown mohair, curled and styled by hand.









This headshot photo shows a detailed close up of Selena's beautiful brown eyes, her delecately applied eyelashes, and the intricate details of her make-up.





























The two close-up photos of Selena's left hand shows the fine detail of her fingernails and the realistic structure of her hand holding the rose.

It was not until after the sculpture was completed, that I discovered Selena's favorite flowers were white roses. Had I known this at the time, the rose would have been sculpted of white clay instead of red.

Selena's tiny fingernails were applied one by one and, after painting, are sealed with a gloss varnish to give the nails that glossy shine. Like her body, a wire armature also makes up each finger for added strength.


Details of her elegant hair can be viewed in this photo and the one just below it. The curls are individually styled and set to give her that gorgeous hair style.



Her shoes are sculpted from polymer clay.




Each nail on Selena's tiny fingers has been applied one by one and painted with scarlet red paint and a gloss varnish.





Photography by L.M. Anderson. Please request permission from the artist if you wish to use images from this site. Thank you.