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"Veronica" is the very first Pin-up sculpture created by LMA Sculptures. She is a smaller scale compared to the more recent sculptures of 2007-2008, and measures only 8 inches in length. Her inspiration comes from my mind and is not based on any photo or painting. Prior to 2007, I experimented with various types of Polymer Clay. This beautiful brunette is sculpted from Cernit clay which is very strong and durable, and like all LMA Sculptures, the clay is applied over a very strong wire armature.

Veronica was created in 2005.

In private collection. Not available for sale.

Veronica is one of the few LMA Sculptures that was not airbrushed. Instead, her skin is "blushed" with powdered make-up and coated with protective varnish. Her facial make-up is painted by hand.

Of personal note, Veronica's hair is made with real human hair belonging to my mother. My mother's hair had grown long and, when she cut it short, she gave me the hair to use on my sculpture. Human hair has the advantage of offering a shine and beautiful look that is difficult to duplicate. Human hair can be a challenge to work with on such a small work of art.





Another unique feature with Veronica, is that her eyes are hand crafted out of polymer clay. The more modern LMA Sculptures use glass eyes. Glass eyes tend to look very realistic, but to accomplish realistic eyes out of polymer clay continues to be an impressive accomplishment amongst polymer clay artists.





Photography by L.M. Anderson. Please request permission from the artist if you wish to use images from this site. Thank you.