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"Galadriel" the mermaid was created as an experiment to try another method of sculpting. Instead of applying the clay over one full armature, the torso, appendages, and head were sculpted over separate wires. After curing each piece, they were brought together to make the full body sculpture. Although many sculptors prefer this method, and there are advantages to this, I was more confident in the strength and long lasting durability of the one piece armature.

I have always been fascinated with mythical creatures. The name Galadriel means "maiden crowned with a radiant garland." Galadriel was a Noldorin elf princess renowned for her beauty and wisdom in J. R. R. Tolkien's novels. Although this sculpture is not an elf, I thought the name and its meaning were appropriate for her.

Galadriel measures 11 inches heigh from the tip of the fingers to the tail and 12 inches including the crystal base. If her tail were straightened out, she would measure approximately 15 inches in length.

In private collection. Not available for sale.

Galadriel's hair is of bright auburn mohair, curled and styled by hand. The crown is made of clay, gold toned wire, and white rhinestones. Her decorative green arm band is made of polymer clay and rhinestones.

Her beautiful emerald green eyes are made of glass. She has eyelashes made of hair and her make-up is of peach and orange.





































This headshot photo shows a detailed close up of Galadriel's seductive eyes.

The crown that rests upon her head is hand-made.







The crystal base Galadriel rests upon was decorated with green and rust colored polymer clay .










The intricate detail of Galadriel's lovely mermaid tail can be seen in this photo to the left. Each marking is sculpted by hand. No molds were used for its texture.








The mermaid tail fins are sculpted with translucent polymer clay blended into the green.







The tiny fingernails were applied one by one and, after painting, are sealed with a gloss varnish to give her nails that glossy shine. Like her body, a wire armature also makes up each finger for added strength.
Photography by L.M. Anderson. Please request permission from the artist if you wish to use images from this site. Thank you.